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You have courage a lot of women don’t.

The most important aspect of courage is believing in yourself. If you have belief, then there is nothing in this world that will stop you from your progress.

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Lots of love headed your way!

 If you stand up for your right there are a lot of people who will shower their love upon you for the brave steps that you are taking as a woman.

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How to treat women with respect

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We Need To Start Taking Young Women’s Love Stories Seriously

A mother’s unconditional love, an understanding wife, a sacrificing partner, a caring sister, a demanding daughter, a strong warrior, an intelligent employee. She can be a mother, she can be a power, she can be a motivation and a motivator. When I think about a young girl’s love life, I sometimes feel related thrilled and embarrassed altogether. We have been the kids from nineties and have witnessed the evolution of love life since then. It still surprises me, when people start calling out names and pass judgments when some young women come out strong and confident, standing for her love. How difficult is it to understand that anybody can fall in love in any stage of life, irrespective of the gender?

When a woman does not get support from the ones, she expected results in sad tears. It suppresses the general feeling of women. Opposing the love desires of a woman leads men and others into a judgmental insect who starts surviving on barriers he puts on the women. Showering the offending questions like, where have you been? Where are you going? Etc. This behavior does not degrade the women but the people were treating her like this, are degrading themselves. They show how paralyzed they are mental.


I believe family should take the responsibility of advising the daughter if she is making the wrong choice genuinely. The woman in love accepted a guy as her love and introduces him to her family expecting a warm welcome. When she is denied that affection without proper justification, implies a false impression. The women stop trusting either in love or in the family.

If the guy, a girl introduces has some habits, which might ruin the life of a girl and the family is judging the guy on that basis, they must talk to the girl through it. There can be many possibilities like the girl has taken care of the habit or She is okay with the guy having it and is ensuring to get him out of it.

If the family still feels the same, they might try making their daughter understand their point, and if she doesn’t agree to them, they cannot obligate her out of it. Many movies are supporting the women who have to hide their feelings from the world to avoid the judgmental calls and strict actions taken against lie: lipstick under my burka. It is our responsibility to take the love life of young women seriously to encourage women to be courageous for her feelings.  To make a woman comfortable talking about everything which is natural but hyped to be a shh figure, like sex and sex-related problems, communication gaps etc.



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