Ways of stringing a bow

When it comes to longbow archery and recurve, the skill of stringing the bow is very important. To remove the bowstring will help extend the life of both the string and the bow. Therefore, it is always good that one knows how to string a bow. You do not have to worry a lot about bowstringing. Reason being, they are basic skills that anyone who is interested can learn. Although it is very simple, it requires a very special tool that is known as the bow stringer. The bow stringer is very important because it helps string and unstrings the bow in the safest way. Bow stringers can be found in any archery store. They are in varieties but their function is always the same. For those who have never strung any bow, below are some of the ways to do it in a safe manner

  1. Make sure the bow is ready

When you want to get started with your bowstringing, make sure that the bow is ready first. There are different bows made by different manufacturers. For example, if your bow is a three-piece one, consider installing the limbs as per the manufacturer’s instructions. To get your bow ready, you have to also locate the loop at the top string. Try sliding the loop at the top going down to the limb at the top. After that, consider placing the loop at the bottom into the grooves of the string. After all that, you will be able to see the unique groove that always holds the string.

  1. Put the stringer on to the bow

When it comes to attaching the bowstring, try to attach the bow stringer through attaching it with the limb at the top. The next step is placing the bow-stringer on the limb. The end of the saddle is always flat and also open. Therefore, it must lie flat on the limb of the bow. Then carefully place the pouch especially the ends on the limb bottom tip. The bow can be securely being held because of the fact that the ends are always closed. After this second step is complete, your bow will now be in a better position to be strung.

  1. Now string the bow

After all the preparations, you can now string the bow. What you have to do is step to the bowstring. Make sure that you have done it with both your feet. Make sure that the feet have a shoulder width difference in distance. Then, hold the bow commonly by the grip then pull up in a straight manner. After you have managed to do that, you will realize that the bow stringer will have supported the bow weight. For those new archers, the step of stringing the bow might seem complicated but through the help of practice and this article, you will definitely become good at singing a bow.


  1. Check the bow

After you are done with stringing the ball, it will now be time to check the bow very carefully, once you are done with your stringing, you can now opt to remove the bore stringer. Turn the bow in the same position that you will be using to shoot your bow. The string is always measured precautionary. To make sure that your bow is ok, you can always visit a local archery shop for further instructions or for further help. It is very important to make sure that the string in the bore is secured in the string grooves of the bows. After the checking is when you will know if the bow is strung in the correct manner and if it is good to go.


Trigging a bow is a process that any archery lover should know. Luckily enough, it is not even a very long process and it is not very hard to understand either. For any sharp archery player, this should be very easy. Now that you know how to string your bow in the correct manner, you can now have all full day of enjoying the shooting. To pick the right bow as well as a stringer for your archery, you can visit any of your local archery stores or do your own research online for the best bow and the stringer. For faster learning, get an archery expert and let them demonstrate how bow stringing and unstringing is done. That is the best and the easiest way to learn. For you to string a bow successfully, you should be aware that there are different types of bows out there. Find out about the types and each and every step for stringing. Otherwise, a general knowledge on bow stringing like the one above is also very helpful to get started with bowstringing. For more information, visit www.archerypower.com.