Places safe for girls to travel

Not every place in the world is safe. The news recently are not so good, especially about the safety of women in foreign lands. But there are certain safe places for girls to enjoy along with their gang. Here are some of the fun filled places that are safe for the girls to spend some quality time with their gang.


Medellin was a battle ground as it was the hub of the drug dealers. However, it has now cleaned up and is safer. No drug cases have been reported in the past 10 years. It is the third largest city of Colombia. It is the City of Eternal Spring as the temperature is moderate throughout the year. With the most pleasant climate, the city is ideal for various sporting activities like Paragliding, mountain biking, soccer matches. The Pablo Escobar that caused the division between the residents of Medellin is must in the check list. It is also known for many salsa dance schools. Some of the world famous dance schools are situated in Medellin, Columbia has the world’s famous coffee estates. So it is definitely a visitor’s duty to enjoy a cup of authentic coffee here.

The Amazon

The Amazon forest is spread over 9 countries. It is filled with hiking, adventures and many more thrilling experiences. One can enjoy the fullest joy and the beauty of Amazon in Brazil. Also, it is one of the safest places for girls to travel. Many travel agencies arrange guided tours. In order to learn more about the tours, visit ct. The forest is isolated and this gives great safety to the visitors. This is because one cannot enter and return not being lost without proper guidance. The trekking through the forest is a must to experience. The greenery is thick and some actually have to cut the fast growing thick bushes to traverse through the forest. 2 day training is given and physical fitness is checked before allowing trekkers to enter the forest. This is because, the forest is located in the equatorial region which is hot and shiny in till noon and rains in the evening. This happens every day nourishing the growth of plants. Visit ct website to learn more.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the best place to enjoy night life. It is one of the safest countries in South America. The expenses to tour Costa Rica are also less. It is called the Switzerland of Latin America because of its political stability and unwavering beauty. The political administration in Costa Rica has been stable over 70 years now. Costa Rica is also a go green country as it is replacing its petrol diesel driven engines with bio – fuel vehicles. The warm welcoming climate of the country makes it ideal to tour on.


As one hears the name Panama, the canal is the first thing that strikes. The Panama canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The engineering involved to move a ship from one ocean to another is extraordinary. The huge ships are pulled with the help of tug boats and they don’t sail through the canal. As the oceans have different salinity level the canal is never kept open. It is closed at any one end either at the Atlantic or at the Pacific. To just watch the operation of the canal is tremendous.

Apart from the man made canals, the city also has good beaches that are ideal for sailing and adventure sports and snorkelling. There are heritage sites like Panama Viejo which is a museum that says stories about the historic rulers of Latin America. Portobelo National park is located at the coastal forest with beaches. It has coral reefs which are ideal for diving. Portobelo has fortifications on the Caribbean side of Panama. These were military construction built by the Spanish empire in the 17th and 18th century.

Florianopolis, Brazil

The city is not known to many. However, it is an energetic city filled with international restaurants, trendy bars and lively coffee shops. The beauty of the beaches is crowned with white sand cover. It has diverse landscapes starting from fauna and flora rich forests, lagoons, waterfalls and many more. It is ideal to escape the wonders of city life and get fused with the nature. Joaquina Beach is best for surfing. Campeche island is a lush island with ancient petroglyphs. Santinho Beach is ideal for relaxing. To learn more and plan a visit to Florianopolis, visit the ct website.

Safety tips to make the trip pleasant and memorable

  • Always carry copies of important documents.
  • Chat with the locals, at least 5 to 6 people and get some valuable tips. But never decide to follow their steps.
  • Know the surroundings. Find the rough areas and avoid them.
  • Carry extra card. Always take spare credit cards. Never carry lot of cash in hands.
  • Learn the local language. Many of the unpolluted places on earth do not speak English but give the best experiences. The trip becomes more beneficial and more enthusiastic if one learns the local language. The local guides will start to like the traveller more if he speaks the local language. Learn the minimum phrases if not the language.
  • Always use the right foot wear.
  • Get travel insurance before beginning the journey.
  • Check the visas
  • Always drink in moderation just to have fun and enjoy the trip.