20 December 2010 4 Comments

Welcome to 16 & Loved!

16 & Loved is a campaign to give our public support to the three young women who told their abortion story on the MTV special – “No Easy Decision” – created for the popular series “16 & Pregnant.” Markai and several other young women did their part to let others know: “you are not alone. I’ve been there too.” Now, it’s time to do our part. We need to make sure these brave young women feel our unconditional love and our support. 16 & Loved sends love and support to Markai and the others on the show, and, in the process, lets every young woman who has had an abortion know that she is not alone. She is loved.

16 & Loved is brought to you by Exhale, a nonprofit organization which provides the first and only national, multilingual after-abortion talkline. We partnered with MTV on the special because we never want another young woman who has had an abortion to feel like she is alone. She is loved. We offer nonjudgmental emotional support with trained peer counselors and the opportunity to connect and share stories with other young women in a private online community space.

If you care about women who have had abortions and our wellbeing, then help us spread the love by joining our 16 & Loved campaign.

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  1. Liz 26 December 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    I’m so glad this movement was created, and hope the movement goes beyond the mtv catalyst and gets as mainstream as possible. Let’s support our sisters!

  2. haley 28 December 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    This is an amazing avenue of support and love for young women who need and very much deserve it. Choices should always be made available to those who find themselves in tough situations like this and never should we prohibit that ability to choose. Taking away anyone’s freedom in the right to choose their own fate is taking away the very liberties our country was founded upon. Allowing an open, honest dialogue in relation to this issue will hopefully allow the country a more realistic view of both the benefits and challenges that abortion presents. I want these young women to know that I am a young woman myself who fully supports their decisions and wishes the very best for their futures. I’ve seen my peers make the same decisions you have and I’ve seen them in their ups and downs, ultimately watching them thrive and become the people they have always strived to be. Just know this, you are brave. You are not alone. You will achieve your dreams and aspirations. Most of all, you will always be loved more than anything else.


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